Prompt Guide

base rewards & adding additional rewards

Visuals coming soon!


Base rewards are the awards that are already added to prompts!
This reward is based on the listed requirements for each drawing!


When adding additional rewards, make sure you aren't already counting the already listed BASE REWARDS.
This is for rewards that go beyond the base requirements for prompts.



The following is the breakdown system for currency rewards!
Visual Examples coming soon!

The breakdown below is for fully COLORED images!
Currency Reward Breakdown for the following will be coming soon:
+ Sketch 
+ Black/White
+ Lineless

Simple BG (Background) +1 bean

super basic bg (character is "floating" in space) e.g. gradients, abstract.

Basic BG +3 beans

ground + sky (character is standing on what is visually identifiable as ground)

Advanced BG +5 beans

ground + sky + elements (3)
(elements = flowers, clouds, stars, trees, etc.)
*cloud dragons count as a Wild Species! --> not as an element

Wild Species +2 beans

species such as Oniya, Cloud Dragons, etc.
(Onimi are +1 bean since they are much smaller, like companion species)

Player Characters +4 beans

species such as Tanurii, Tenavi, Kitsurii, Usarumi, etc.

NPCs +3 beans

same as Player Character species, but belong to the Starboe World rather than other players (users)

Humans +2 beans

this is for any additional human characters used as BG characters.
if used as the main character, you will still get +4 Beans (from the base rewards).

Companions +1 bean

species such as sypderbats, fyreglyds, dandylambs, etc.

Created: 6 July 2021, 19:06:49 UTC
Last updated: 10 July 2021, 21:00:59 UTC